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How long does it take before installation / delivery?

We aim to install within 4-6 weeks of your order date, often we can do this much faster. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements! 

Our DIY kits are delivered by a dedicated courier who will unload the gym in the front garden.

Delivery would be 1-2 weeks from order, if we have everything in stock, just give us a call to check.

How much would the installation cost?

We are happy to install within 100 miles of GU9 (Farnham, Surrey) at the following rates

Single pull up bar - £250.00

Pull up bar and dip station - £400.00

Pull up, dip and monkey bars - £475.00

Mileage charged at 50 ppm for journeys in excess of 10 miles.

For other configurations or locations please get in touch for a quotation 

How long does the installation take?

All of our standard products can be installed within 3-8 hours so we would only be on site for 1 day. In some cases this may take longer, however the cost is fixed so you would not pay any additional fees.

When can I start to use my

We recommend that the Gym is not used within the first 3 days of installation, this will allow the concrete to fully harden maximizing the life of the product.

Can I install the gym myself or use another contractor?

Our products have been designed for easy DIY installation, we supply full guides and are always available to offer help and advice. Many of our customers install themselves or use their own builder, handyman or contractor.

What is the length of warranty you provide?

The products we provide are covered for manufacturing and installation defects (if installed by us) for a period of 24 months. Any issue caused by DIY or installation by another contractor would not be covered.

Can I extend my warranty beyond 2 years?

Yes, we offer a further 12 month warranty at a cost of £99. This is subject to an inspection that would be carried out by one of our engineers to ensure that the gym has not been used outside of the user agreement.

Is there any maintenance needed?

All of our materials are maintenance free, the posts are supplied with a tanalised finish and 10 year life expectancy.


It is essential to check the bolts and fixings on a monthly basis and tighten where necessary as they can loosen off as the timber goes through the natural drying process.

Why do you use play grade timber?

We set out to design a quality product that will last many years and complement your outdoor space. A key factor for us was the timber posts. After experimenting with various timbers we found that playgrade timber would be the optimum choice as the timber is guaranteed for 10 years and most importantly is more resistant to cracking and splitting than standard timbers.

I know what I want, how do I place an order?

Just head to our online shop to place an order or you can contact us via the contact section with your requirements and we will get straight back to you.

What do I need to prepare before installation?

All you need to do is decide where to locate the gym (this should be a level area of lawn / soft ground). We can also recommend when we arrive to install, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will send a pre-installation pack to ensure a smooth process!

Do you have insurance?

The Garden Gym Ltd. has £5m public liability insurance.

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