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Train safe!

IMPORTANT: We want you to get the most out of your garden gym so please read carefully:

  1. Always consult your doctor before undertaking any physical exercise or training Program.

  2. Injuries to health may result from excessive, incorrect training or using the equipment in a way that it is not designed for.

  3. If you are installing the product yourself then please read the DIY installation instructions carefully, ensuring all stages are followed and the necessary time is allowed for the post-mix to harden.

  4. Always read and follow the  user instructions that will be issued after delivery / installation.

  5. Remove jewellery, watches or anything else that may catch or snag before exercising.

  6. Always warm up prior to exercising, if you are unsure consult a health professional for advice.

  7. Children should not be allowed to use the equipment without the strict supervision of adults who are aware of how to exercise correctly.

  8. Our products have been designed to carry out exercise and are not meant as a climbing frame or piece of play equipment. The user is wholly responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring from usage of the equipment regardless of proper or improper usage.

  9. The Garden Gym ltd disclaims all liability from the mis-use or incorrect installation of our products.

  10. The user must not adapt, amend or remove any part of the equipment.

  11. It is essential that the user regularly carries out an inspection of the product to check for signs of wear and tear and to ensure that all of the fixings are secure. 

Should you have any questions then please get in touch! 

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